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View Diary: Kansas seems intent on punishing LGBT couples and now their sperm donors. (19 comments)

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  •  I am a single mom (10+ / 0-)

    In Kansas.  My son was born in Wichita 18 and a half years ago.  His father hasn't been in our lives at all since I broke up with him when I was six months pregnant.  He's just one of those guys we were better off without.  It's only my good fortune that I asked him to go away, and he actually went away.

    When I was in college I approached SRS -- it's the same department as described in this article but the name changed a couple years ago -- about getting a medical card for my son.  I was told at that time that we were approved, but that the state would pursue his father for payment of benefits.  It didn't matter that there was a history of violence.  It didn't matter that I'd worked to specifically get the man out of my life.  It didn't matter that we hadn't heard from him in any way since my son was born (at the time I applied he was 3).

    Worse, once the state went after him for support, paternity would be established, he'd have visitation rights and visitation is not contingent on support.

    My son was never a Medicaid recipient.  I bit the bullet and bought an individual policy that covered only him.  This was in the mid-late '90s and the premium was about $70 a month.  I worked my 30+ hours a week and finished college.

    My point being, this is not a process that's happening just because this is a lesbian couple.  This is the process for all children on Medicaid in Kansas.

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