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View Diary: My mother-in-law fell tonight, doesn't want to go to the doc. Can I get some advice? (142 comments)

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  •  suggest she stay with you while (12+ / 0-)

    that is happening?  My mom is 90, and is definitely a child of the depression.  Sure she's going broke even if she lives on 1/3 of her income.  Won't spend, so we'll have a good inheritance, and disapproves of our spending, as that's wasting her money.  sigh
    You bought new clothes? I don't buy new clothes so you'll have something to live on!
    shakes head
    anyway, it's something that seems to have a very powerful grip on them, and I think if you can avoid forcing them to face it now, it's for the best.

    •  Not sure that I understand the last half sentence (0+ / 0-)

      fragment of your comment.
      Everything else you said: been there;done that.
      Do you think that the Depression Era folks are beyond dealing with reality?
      ....that it's just a waste of time and a world of hurt to try to get them to think differently?

      •  Depression Era folks KNOW reality (2+ / 0-)
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        lineatus, 4mygirls

        And at the rate that Republicans are pushing the economy, another Depression will be with us, proving them right.

        The only time we can quit saving flour sacks so that we have something to sew together for underwear is when all jobs are protected.  As long as the government is going to protect the bankers instead of the common people, it's wise to have a trowel so you can dig dandelions out of the lawn for dinner.

        Depression Era folks are far more prepared for economic collapse than the 'preppers' who stock up on ammunition and tin cans.  The ones that remember the Depression, at least who were old enough to be looking for work then, are in their 90s now.  But even someone born in 1925, who was just a kid during the worst of the Depression, remembers scrounging up food and making the clothes last just a little longer.  They remember what they did to survive, and it wasn't load up the assault rifle and go shoot some food.

        If the Republicans get their wish, and they do push the economy into the ditch, another generation will grow up saving all sorts of stuff that "dealing with reality" would tell them to throw away.  And a big part of that reality was not going to the doctor, because you couldn't afford it.

        •  This is true of my parents. (0+ / 0-)

          They are in their early 80's. Everyone bugs them about having so much stuff, but where do you think they turn when they need some oddball thing? Yup, Mom has it. I think the frugal/saving habit of the Depression generation and their children gets confused with hoarding because the results are similar. When I was a teen I had a job as office help for a elderly gentleman that cut the back off of every envelope that he received in the mail. These he used as scrap paper for his notes. He was a lawyer, they would be in the clients files. When he died boxes and boxes of envelope backs were disposed of.

          Oh for crying out loud!

          by 4mygirls on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 10:54:57 AM PST

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