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View Diary: House broken: How the GOP legislative machine turned into a doomsday device (176 comments)

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  •  False (9+ / 0-)

    Haven't you read about how difficult it was to pass the Constitution? Or how the Continental Congress dithered and bickered?  There were reptiles exactly as soulless as the Tea Party at the founding of this country.

    The problem is never the existence of evil. The problem is that good becomes timid and unsure of itself.

    •  Oh please, I've read more about that than most (7+ / 0-)

      I know about the crazy ass compromises that gave us the Senate and 3/5th's of a human and more. But that's the difference -- they got something, albeit imperfect, to happen. Completely shutting down the country was beyond them, in the end they were all more willing to negotiate then to do nothing. Yes, we've had "Do Nothing"s in the past. But the level of obstruction in unprecedented. Look at the cloture problem in the Senate. Look at the 30+ bills to repeal Obamacare and ZERO jobs bills coming out of the House. This is a whole new level of crazy that we've never seen.

      What's wrong with America? I'll tell you. Everything Romney said was pre-chewed wads of cud from Republicans from the last 30 years and yet he managed thru a combination of racism and selling the (false) hope of riches to get 47% of the national vote.

      by ontheleftcoast on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 09:04:44 AM PST

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      •  If there were a real American existential crisis (1+ / 0-)
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        Oh Mary Oh

        then the conservatives would not dare threaten to shut the nation down. That was the difference at the time of the Articles of Confederation and again when the Constitution was written. The price of inaction was too high.

        The existential crisis has to be from outside the U.S. or otherwise beyond the direct control of the U.S. government to effect the actions, though.

        Now the teapublicans just see the cost of inaction as a cost of business as they force their sick, ignorant, and self-centered crap down our throats.

        The US Supreme Court has by its actions and rhetoric has ceased to be legitimate. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - over

        by Rick B on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 12:19:18 PM PST

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