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View Diary: House broken: How the GOP legislative machine turned into a doomsday device (176 comments)

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  •  I have to say, that the so-called (0+ / 0-)

    republican party is today, a group of the most danderous
    ignoramuses to ever come down the pike. And we have been brought this treasonous group courtesy of the "kooks" bros., "rupee" murduck and a few other wealthy but stupid individuals. These rich dimwits who are financing the idiots of the repug party, brightly expressed their lack of useable grey matter during the last election cycle, when grifters like karlita rove took them for hundreds of millions of dollars. You can send those fools to college..., they may collect an obscene amount of earthly goods, but they're still in-bred morons, they are clueless, and dangerous not only to this democracy, but their greed, using bribery and corruption, has destroyed the welfare of millions of people around the world. Greece did not bring the world's economy to its knees, it was american greed that destroyed the wealth and lifestyles of millions around the world. Why oh why have none of these people been brought to the bar of justice?

    The Democrats now own everything from the center right to the far left. the republicans and the filthy robberbarons occupy the extreme right fringe.

    by longtimelurker on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 01:54:18 PM PST

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