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View Diary: Idle No More: Native Civil Rights, Global Environment, Politics of Canada Largest US Trade Partner (66 comments)

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  •  Thanks for this diary SNM. (6+ / 0-)

    I, too, have been following this story with great interest--surprised that it's gotten so little attention in the US. The round dances have been cropping up everywhere--amazing sights to see.

    Had to chuckle a bit: On Thursday--after Spence issued an ultimatum, saying the meeting had to take place w/i 72 hours,   I wrote a letter to my local Consul General "urging" them to support Idle No More and push for the meeting. Got an email back with the text of Harper's announcement of the 1/11 meeting. A friend in Ottawa wrote me saying, "See, all it took was a one little scolding from you!" ;-)

    Anyway, maybe you or Heather (Chacounne) can help me out on this: Cultural Survivalis one of the few US-based venues that's been covering the story--they have a running update feed on their site.

    There is an upcoming deadline (Jan 31) for their Ellen L. Lutz Indigenous Rights Award  

    I plan to nominate Theresa Spence, but am somewhat undecided about this--maybe the four FOUNDERS of INM should be nominated? Only catch there is that the award is supposed to go to an INDIVIDUAL, not a group--but four individuals who started a group/movement, may also be fine.

    Beyond that, I need more "bio" information and, um, a contact address for Spence ("teepee on Victoria Island" is not likely to be sufficient for this purpose!)

    I wrote Cultural Survival to inquire about a couple of things: whether Spence has already been nominated (she hasn't). Whether she may be scheduled to be on the panel of judges and therefore ineligible (she isn't). Whether it would be better for the GROUP "Idle No More" to submit the nomination (that would not be a bad idea). Whether letters of nomination from "big name" folks (like Winona LaDuke?) would carry more wait than from "no namers" like Grumpelstillchen ;-). That, too, would be good.

     I've got a couple folks trying to reach out to Winona--I've met her on a number of occasions, but am sure she would not remember and/or know me from "Tonto" ;-). It would be great if someone (Cacamp?) who knows Winona better than I do could reach out to her. Buffy St. Marie might also be a good candidate to write--but I don't know her at ALL.

    I think I'm just going to go ahead and write the nomination letter for Spence--what's missing for the "Bio" portion of the letter--is more information about Spence BEFORE Idle No More. Any idea where I can get that?
    Here's the only info I have on the nomination process (from the site above):

    Nomination Process
    Nominations for the award may be received from any individual or group from November 20, 2012 to January 31, 2013. Nominations should include a letter about why a person is being nominated, a bio of the nominee, and contact information for the nominee.
    Once the letter is complete, I'll probably post it on the Idle No More FB page and seek signatories.

    It's not about the money (though $10,000 could go a long way, especially in the Northlands), it's about the acknowledgment....Any info you or others may be able to provide would be great. Cultural Survival is already supportive of the movement, so it seems that Spence would have a very good shot at getting the award....

    •  Great Idea (3+ / 0-)
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      Leeloo, grumpelstillchen, MuskokaGord

      Great idea to nominate Chief Spence. And thanks for the link to CulturalSurvival, looks like a fabulous organization.

      On the bio, maybe Heather can help you as she's been visiting the camp regularly. Although with the upcoming meeting, the request likely should wait until afterwards.

      Maybe you could submit the nomination, but ask for letters of support from people like Winona LaDuke and Buffy Ste. Marie. Both have spoken out for Chief Spence and Idle No More.

      Winona LaDuke posted a letter of support for Chief Spence a few days ago. Found this link to contact Buffy Ste. Marie. Given that she's already spoken out, you might not need a personal introduction to get her support.

      A few days ago #idlenomore had a link to Johnny Cash's Drums about the reservation schools. Hadn't realized he did an entire album Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian, and came across this great video of Buffy St. Marie with Johnny Cash. It's such vintage 1960's, her voice is fabulous but most of all they look like they're having such fun! Thought you might enjoy it.

      •  Damn! Thank you so much--just what the doc ordered (2+ / 0-)
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        SilentNoMore, MuskokaGord

        My mother wore a pair of those white patent leather Buffy boots, and I actually use Cash's "Drums" as an example of the ballad form in my classes, but WOW! Thank you so much for this link--that's going on the syllabus, now. ;-)  heheheh

        Old proverb, btw: When Drums speak, laws are silent.

        Yeah, the drums are a big part of this, but let's not get me started! ;-)

      •  Oh and also thanks for the Winona/Buffy (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        links--I'll probably just get my own letter drafted, then send it to them with pertinent info on the nomination process--then they can use my ltte as a template or write their own, etc. Just trying to save everyone some time by getting one template letter together....if I have it done by week's end, that still gives everyone two weeks to submit the nominations.

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