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  •  That is not true. (4+ / 0-)

    No, you cannot really live/buy a home in the best neighborhoods of Manhattan if you make $250K a year.  Not that someone making that kind of money is suffering but they are not rich by any means.

    •  I guess they could if they had rent control (2+ / 0-)
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      Going the Distance, lighttheway

      no kids, or grown up kids, etc. No child support from previous marriages, no extraordinary medical expenses.

      It's funny how thinking/talking about what income and expenses are in the U.S. brings out a lot of emotional responses.

      I was thinking about the response to my original comment and decided we are not good at defining ourselves or what is middle class or even what is economically sustainable.

      So on the one hand, many folks seem incapable of parsing out costs of living in very expensive cities except to say "we get by on X, anything else is extra" or "I HAVE to spend money x and count it as a valid expense" when it really isn't. Somewhere in between lies the truth of it all.

      Before I married,  my husband urged me to understand that living in a very expensive city wasn't sustainable. He was right. It wasn't. I was able to relocate with minimal harm to my kids.  Many families can't do that (say they have an aging parent in an expensive city who doesn't want to leave).

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      •  I totally get where you're coming from (2+ / 0-)
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        tardis10, Going the Distance

        Add to what you've mentioned: if you're a family with, say, the husband making 250K and the wife not working, you have a WHOLE lot more money than 2 spouses working and making the same income.  Yet in the IRS, they're treated about the same.  

        Child care costs are a huge after tax expense.

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