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    Whatever happened to the guiding principle our depression era grandparents passed down?  The one where owing someone money is bad... very bad because they own you.

    Yes, a house costs.. big time.  But when the shit hits the fan and one of the partners loses a job, can you float it on one income?

    Going for that last re-fi now... sorry broker, we won't be adding closing costs on that principle - we're been watching it slooooowly decrease for too many years.  And we're not starting over at the 30 year mark either, half way through now so it's 15 or nothing with a rate that should be half current.  With property taxes doubling every decade, we'll be lucky to be able to live here, but that deed will be in our name.

    I WISH we had $250k income, taxes be damned!  The pile of sticks could use some work.

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