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View Diary: Biden gives Republicans one last chance to avoid 'fiscal cliff' (330 comments)

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  •  Of course they did. But that tells us (0+ / 0-)

    nothing about what "the people wanted" with respect to the House.  We don't have a national election where people chose "Republicans control the House" or "Democrats control the House."  We have 435 separate elections, and the vote and turnout in each of those elections depends on the candidates running on those elections.   In a district like LA-02, where is was a forgone conclusion that the Democrat was going to win, some Republicans might have voted for him, or not voted at all in that race.  Same goes in reverse for LA-02.  And, some voters cross their party lines depending on the individual candidate.  Here in Louisiana, Mary Landrieu comes to mind.  In a very very red state, she twice defeated Republican candidates.  That's because the voters like HER and HER positions (and because she is not opposed by buisness groups like LABI), not because they are "voting Democratic."  If anything, here in very very red Louisiana, the "D" behind her name brings down her vote totals.  

    You can cite the accurate numbers , but I have no idea WHY anybody would be citing those numbers.  I certainly hope nobody cites them as some indication that the election results are somehow invalid or illegitimate.  (That's no better than Republicans who say the same thing about election results that they don't like.)  It's just silly -- and a rejection of our Constitutional system, frankly -- to pretend that those numbers tell you anything about what the people "wanted" with respect to control of the House.  

    The only thing that Constitutionally tells you what the people "said" with respect to the House are the results of those 435 separate elections.  

    •  your analogy doesnt make sense (0+ / 0-)

      The house and senate are viewed as a singular entity respectively. The presidency headlined by an individual. By your analogy, a D in a solid red state might not have voted for Obama simply because it wouldn't make a difference in the electoral votes for that state. You can choose to dismiss House votes but they are still significant and show the majority vote count.

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