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View Diary: Democrats need to do better with white voters (162 comments)

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  •  Minnesota just told the GOP to fuck off (7+ / 0-)

    and it is still a very white state overall.

    What is significant about that is that Pawlenty and the GOP for the first decade of this century built their support almost entirely around white racial resentment. It was at the core of all their policies. I remember back in about 2002 my boss telling me that he was voting pawlenty because he was going to take money away from urban schools and give it to suburban schools (it's complicated, but that's part of what the GOP did). That entire policy was built around thinly veiled racism. The GOP pursued policies that punished the more ethnically diverse areas over and over again.

    But this year, it all came tumbling down like a house of cards. That resentment could only take them so far. Now they have nothing.

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