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View Diary: Democrats need to do better with white voters (162 comments)

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    ...the point we need to make is that white working Americans have the same things at stake as non-white working Americans, and the party of Mitt Romney isn't their friend.

    Republicans love to use cultural issues to divide voters by race, religion, region, gender, sexual preference, etc. The more we focus on these issues, the more we stand to lose.  Gun control, for instance, is not a winner for us; the more we push it, the less chance we have of picking up support in places like West Virginia.

    I'm not arguing for "Republican light", not at all; I'm saying we need to accommodate voters who may disagree with us on cultural issues like abortion or gun control in order to win control of Congress and state legislatures. Our goal should be to destroy the Republican party nationwide and defend the interests of working people against the rapacious elite that is our real enemy. Only when that goal is achieved should we allow ourselves the luxury of revisiting cultural issues. Culture wars are ultimately won not in Congress or the Supreme Court, but when ordinary Americans make up their own minds.

    In retrospect, Roe vs. Wade and federal court decisions to use forced busing to achieve racial balance in schools were disasters; they elected Reagan in 1980 and have turned a lot of potential Democrats into Republicans ever since.

    Why does anyone in Kansas vote Republican? Why did voters in Michigan who owe their standards of living to victories achieved by the labor movement vote for anti-labor Republicans? I suspect it is largely cultural issues driving these people; we need to shift the spotlight to economic issues, and particular the political struggle between capital and labor.

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