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View Diary: Democrats need to do better with white voters (162 comments)

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    Wednesday Bizzare, koNko

    I grew up in  poor white neighborhood.  Much of this gap is due to our poor rhetoric.  

    We say "This is unfair to blacks and minorities", when we mean "This is unfair to poor people".  We do this because, until recently, class was an unmentionable in our political dialog.

    I am sure you can demonstrate that the poor whites are bettor off than poor minorities, but this goes right over the head of a white trying to juggle the heating bills and groceries.

    Higher education has been remiss in offering opportunities to working class whites, while tripping over  themselves to attract blacks, often middle class.

    When my daughter was a high school senior, colleges were throwing scholarship offers to her equally talented and more affluent black classmate, while ignoring her.

    We should get rid of race-bases affirmative action in favor of class based.

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