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View Diary: Democrats need to do better with white voters (162 comments)

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  •  am no sure the question's posed correctly... (0+ / 0-) it all Democrats who need to do better with white voters or is it Black Democrats (i.e. President Obama) who need to try to do better with White voters.

    The only Democrat who has not done as well as most others with White voters is...President Obama. not sure that that's his problem as much as it is...the fact that he's Black. would always be best for Democrats to try to do better with all demographic groups, including whites...but...there are certain segments of the white electorate that the Democratic Party should NOT bend over backwards to try to attract, such as, for instance, white voters who are openly or subconsciously prejudiced against voting for a Black go after them would be to compromise on principles either rhetorically or in fact.

    So...perhaps a better question would be: In future elections, is there a way for Democrats to increase their share of the vote amond white voters regardless of the ethnicity of the Democratic candidate?

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