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  •  Thanks for the false equivalency... (5+ / 0-) comparing mass shootings with Flight 93.

    Completely different circumstances:
    1.  Terrorists were armed with box cutters, not semi-automatic weapons.
    2.  The passengers were on an airplane in mid-flight -- the rational option of fleeing was kind of foreclosed by the little detail of being 20,000 feet up in the air.

    So, really, I don't see much that we can or should apply from Flight 93.  Running at people armed with box cutters when your only alternative is certain death is a lot different from running at someone armed with a semi-automatic rifle when the option of running away might be possible.

    Political Compass: -6.75, -3.08

    by TexasTom on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 08:51:31 AM PST

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