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  •  So kindergarteners need to be WWI doughboys (3+ / 0-)

    trained to charge machine gunfire in wave after wave, in self-sacrifice for the next generation.

    Only, following your example, while taking their classes on a pressurized passenger jet.


    Get these m*f*king German pillboxes off this m*f*king plane!

    Over the top, boys and girls! No child left behind!

    •  Kindergarten cops (0+ / 0-)

      Hi, You probably came late to the discussion and couldn't be bothered reading any of it. Had you done so, though, you would have seen that nobody except mordant satirists such as yourself are talking about training kindergartners as shock troops, on or off of airplanes. How terribly confusing this must be for you. My sympathies.

      •  Dismissing the satire? (0+ / 0-)

        Or dismissing the fact that mass-charging automatic weapons has been well understood as tragically ignorant madness for nearly a century now?

        •  Dismissed (0+ / 0-)

          Sorry—if there was satire, it didn't register. Is this more satire, given that automatic weapons have been illegal for private possession since Al Capone? Not to mention that no such weapons have been used in any of the mass killings I've read about.

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