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View Diary: School Shootings are Not Senseless: Gunmen's Actions Make Sense to Them (4 comments)

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  •  There has been a national campaign (0+ / 0-)

    It was called "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood", and the campaign also  goes by the nickname "Big Bird" and "Barney", and it explains why everyone was so horrified by Romney's attack on PBS.  PBS and maybe BBC are the ONLY places to find this type of programming.  

    Whenever this subject comes up, I am reminded of Mr. Roger's comments to Congress.

    We need to re-double our efforts, and focus on our public schools.   Schools are trying.   I saw posters for bullying in our schools.  However, the "counselor" at our elementary school was more of a problem than a solution, blaming the problems of special needs kids on the kids and parents.  I've spoken to several parents who had this experience.   And, Hollywood is trying.  My kids were watching a movie about cyber-bullying the other day, and a move called "The Freedom Writers".   But, we need more.

    Public schools are raising many of our nation's kids.  If we get too obsessed with standardized test scores, we may leave a lot of children behind, who needed something far more basic and valuable than simple test scores.  We need to closely examine the emotional stresses placed on kids in the school environment, and consider if there are improvements that can be made.  And, we need to consider family life in our nation.   How is our workweek structured, and are we allowing enough time for parents to spend at home with their families?

    There is a lot to think about.

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