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  •  This situation is doubly disconcerting. (7+ / 0-)

    Offensive because of what they're saying in the first place, and also because they assume that you think like they do.

    It's odd.  I live in the most liberal of places (San Francisco), but I still watch my political talk unless I know that the person I'm speaking to shares my viewpoint(s).  It's always a surprise to find out that someone from this area is a conservative, but I'd rather not offend them right off the bat if that's the case.  

    My dad, OTOH, finally had enough of the conservatives around him in Ohio - they just assumed that everyone thought the way they did, and spewed offensive shit all day long.  Racist, sexist, homophobic, Christianist tripe; he said it was like living on the set of Fox News.  He moved away a couple years ago and is much happier for it.

    Why do the least tolerant assume that theirs is the default worldview?

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