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View Diary: Farm bill still languishes in House, despite House/Senate committee agreement (118 comments)

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  •  It's now evident what we MUST do (0+ / 0-)

    We must work to defeat as many Republicans for re-election in the House of Representatives as possible in 2014.  And we must start NOW.

    Among the list of those in the GOP in the House I want out in 2014 are as follows:

    House Speaker John Boehner (aka John Boner)
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
    Darrell Issa
    Patrick McHenry
    Michelle Bachmann
    Steve King
    Joe Barton
    Louie Gohmert
    The ENTIRE Tea Party Caucus (all of the Tea Party Republicans, every last one of them)
    Paul Ryan (the con man)
    Jason Chaffetz (yes, work DAMN hard starting now in Utah and shake up the would-be progressive Utah Democratic Party)
    Don Young
    Doug Lamborn
    All the Republicans who narrowly won in 2012 must be defeated in 2012
    Vern Buchanan
    Tom Price
    Kevin Yoder
    Ed Whitfield
    Andy Barr
    Andy Harris
    Steve Daines (since there are two U.S. Senators from Montana who are Democrats, might as well focus on picking up the only House seat available in Montana)
    Richard Hudson (he beat the would-be Democrat Larry Kissell, now we must focus on beating him with a real Democrat in this NC district)
    Kevin Cramer (might as well focus on the only North Dakota House seat, currently in GOP territory)
    Scott Garrett
    Steve Pearce (clean house by replacing him with a Democrat.  New Mexico is becoming more blue)
    Mark Amodei and John Heck (same process here as in replacing Steve Pearce:  Cleaning house.  Nevada is becoming more blue)
    Peter King and all the House GOP representing NY (clean house)
    Greg Walden (yes, there is red territory in Oregon but why should the GOP even have a seat in the state?  It's super blue)
    Keith Rothfus, Scott Perry and bunch of others in the House representing Pennsylvania (wipe them out)
    Kristi Noem (same process as in Montana and North Dakota)
    Joe Wilson (take him out too)
    Tom Rice
    Marsha Blackburn
    Ted Poe (he's an idiot)
    Jeb Hensarling (he's also an idiot)
    Randy Weber
    All GOP in Washington State (just turn the state deep blue already!)
    Jim Sensenbrenner (get rid of him already!)
    David McKinley and Shelley Moore Capito (shake up West Virginia and make those blue collar conservatives regret their pro-gun views)
    Cynthia Lummis (Gary Trauner should have won when he ran.  Now either get him to run again or frickin get another person to run)
    All current House members in California besides Darrell "Darth Vader" Issa
    Trent Franks
    Every Republican who voted for the budget and deficit increases during the Bush administration

    I don't care how difficult or how conservative or deep red these bozos districts are.  As Emperor Palpatine says:

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