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View Diary: Farm bill still languishes in House, despite House/Senate committee agreement (118 comments)

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  •  how much milk do you think is in the pipeline? (0+ / 0-)

    The costs will go up with the next truck that pulls into a farm.    There is maybe a 10 day supply.  After that, they have to make up the difference somewhere, and you know that middlfolk/supermarkets still want margin based on their cost, so each step through the chain will increase costs as margin needs also rise.

    The farms won't see it, but the processors/distributors will raise the price to make up for their new costs.

    Nobody is going to look at plant based anything.  Like it or not, the population wants animal lactate.  If they can't afford it, they will do without, not substitute.

    But hey, at least kids won't eat as much junky cereal.  They will eat donuts and brownies instead.

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