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View Diary: McConnell says agreement on tax rates...So pass them now. (25 comments)

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  •  Boy that McConnell is (3+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, SpecialKinFlag, bear83

    He's saying lets go ahead and screw the dumb ass Democrats since they're giving up the fight on revenues and then we will have then fucked when the issue turns to spending only.

    LOL...President Obama is going to get less revenue than Boehner offered. McConnell is a master...gotta give it to him.

    •  they are not as smart as you BBB - you are (0+ / 0-)

      giving them too much credit.

      •  Hey, they nominated Romney, Ryan and (1+ / 0-)
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        Sparkle Farkle for our highest offices, didn't they? They're brilliant!

        Liberals: Taking crap for being right since before you were born. - Driftglass (and the amazing Professional Left Podcast at

        by briefer on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 12:35:40 PM PST

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        •  and I read an argument that has merit that (0+ / 0-)

          the republicans would not be in that much worse shape after the tax cuts expire. They can simply put forward a bill to cut taxes on everybody making less than $500K and dare Democrats to vote against it. Revenue bills must originate in the House unless the Speaker chooses to take steps to alleviate that necessity.

          President Obama and Democrats may actually do what they say- not pass (or in the President's case - veto) bills that are not balanced. He would say we got those tax cuts for free. That was the middle class. Or were you really opposed to those tax cuts for the middle class and only supported tax cuts for the wealthy. So, the President and Congressional Dems can stop any bills that simply cut spending without raising new revenue. And they can win that battle politically as well.

          Therefore, BBB's position (which simply assumes the contrary) is probably incorrect. Not saying that his view should not be considered, but simply that in my estimation it is far from conclusive.

    • really need to go lie down for a bit; (0+ / 0-)

      you are beginning to believe your imagination is real.

      There is nothing in this diary to support a single one of the words you just wrote and when combined with your other diary wherein you seemingly condemn Obama for screwing up this deal and hope Republicans will "save" the US from Obama, I am really beginning to worry about you.

      Go lie down and watch CSI or something.  You need a rest

      Tax and Spend I can understand. I can even understand Borrow and Spend. But Borrow and give Billionaires tax cuts? That I have a problem with.

      by LiberalCanuck on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 12:43:32 PM PST

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      •  He is Right (2+ / 0-)
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        LordMike, bear83

        McConnell is trying to squeeze the Democrats into accepting a tax cut only deal that leaves the issue of the sequester cuts, UI, debt ceiling to a later date in the new year when the GOP will have more leverage.

        Democrats need to quickly let it be known there is no agreement until all things are agreed on...period.  

    •  Boehner's offer is meaningless (2+ / 0-)
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      bear83, Vote4Obamain2012

      Since he doesn't control his caucus.

      "What do you mean "conspiracy"? Does that mean it's someone's imaginings and that the actual polls hovered right around the result?" - petral

      by conspiracy on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 12:47:41 PM PST

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