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  •  Oh, let me take the fantasy (4+ / 0-)
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    Armando, brooklynbadboy, grrr, divineorder

    devil's advocate position:

    IF, major IF

    Obama plans to give nothing for the debt ceiling

    And I think the Rs are indeed scared witless about automatic cuts to defense

    Then what have we given up?  At $400,000, if that is the deal, then we haven't given up tax cuts on the rich.  What we got are release of the middle class tax cut hostage, and the second recession dip that would have ensued.

    And if the next discussion is to be about, how much are you going to cut, Dems?  Well, we still have much to ask in return:  this time, take a whack at the estate tax, and capital gains taxes and misc loopholes.

    A girl can dream, for a little more

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