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  •  Will People Lose UI Tomorrow? Yes or No? (1+ / 0-)
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    It's demagoguery to point that out? People who depend on that to live, will be in bad shape if that happens, true or not?

    Sorry if makes you uncomfortable to reflect on the actual repercussions of these decisions, but that is just a fact, not demagoguery.

    It's not meant to shut down discussion, but if you are for going over the cliff then you ARE willing to sacrifice those people for your ideals.

    And that's fine, but let's just be clear on that. That's the choice you are willing to make.  That's the sacrifice you are willing to make. That's just a fact.  it's not my problem if you are uncomfortable with that choice. That's your problem. If you want to call me a demagogue for pointint that out, so be it. But I can call you one cold hearted bastard.

    Thankfully, Obama does consider the repercussions. We may in fact not be able to do anything about it, and we will go over the cliff and those people WILL suffer, but at least Obama is willing to try to do something for them. Maybe it's not enough, but it's something, and he's certainly not as glib about the repercussion as some on this site are.

    This post is dedicated to myself, without whom, I'd be somebody else. Though I'd still be an asshole. My Music: []

    by Beetwasher on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 01:18:04 PM PST

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    •  ASDF (13+ / 0-)
      Will People Lose UI Tomorrow? Yes or No?
      The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 extended the expiration date of the EUC program to January 2, 2013. January 2nd is when they expire, not tomorrow. There's still another day to negotiate on UI. In any case, at this late date no amount of criticism of the President will stop the President from making any deal he and the Senate Dems want, so yes: your statements about UI are demagoguery trying to stop analysis of the process for whatever reason.

      That you invoke the UI benefit hostage is twisted, since it's precisely the poor Democratic negotiation skills we're criticizing (in 2010, again last February, and through the last few months) that handed UI to the GOP as a hostage in the first place. Repeatedly.

      I will be curious to see if a deal doesn't get done by midnight tomorrow -- and given the House GOP's recent statement who knows if it will -- will the President be portrayed by you as a "cold-hearted bastard" because he didn't actually care enough to get UI extended no matter the cost?

      it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses

      by Addison on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 01:37:04 PM PST

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