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  •  It should be expected based on what was never on (7+ / 0-)

    the table or even allowed in the room.  The debate was about how fast to shrink social services, it was already conventional wisdom that they had to be shrunk not expanded.  The debate was about who would see their taxes roll back to Clinton-era rates, not about whose taxes should be higher than that.  Discussing raising capitol gains was not even allowed in the building, never mind on the table.  The job of Democrats is to make the Republican's plan more sellable to the American people, not to come with a plan that addresses the real issues the nation faces.  

    Everybody has played their part perfectly.  When the Democrats opening position is slightly more conservative than where moderate Republicans once were nothing beneficial is going to come out of the negotiations for the poor and middle class, only the usual "it would have been worse if the Republicans got everything they wanted." What we have is system in which the two possible results are either all of what Republicans wanted all at once or only some of what Republicans wanted.  Either way they will always win, there is simply no mechanism in place to allow for any other possible outcome because Democrats would have allow the Republicans to hurt the hostage which is something they cannot ever do.

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