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  •  Election Eve (2+ / 0-)
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    Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN, Ender

    The best moment for me was election eve, when Democrats cleaned up. On a personal level, I saw just about everyone I'd contributed to elected (or re-elected), including Jay Inslee, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, and our local Democratic candidate for the House (Derek Kilmer).

    The re-election of President Obama added a wonderful nightcap as it proved (for the second time) that the American people want a liberal President. (And also, that they are not easily baffled, even by a relentless campaign of lies fueled by a ton of money.)

    It gives me hope that we have a great future ahead.

    The worst moment was when I saw the pictures of the Arctic ice cap melted to a point never before seen by humans. That frankly scares me about the future.

    Of course, tonight might actually be a low point in politics as the folks in the nation's capital try to waste a perfectly good opportunity for progress. But then, that's likely to be a low point for 2013, not 2012.

    What would really make me happy is to see our movement gain strength and finish the task we started after George W. Bush cut taxes for the rich and went to war in Iraq. So far, that's been the worst time of the century. Doing better ought to be no particular problem.

    Happy New Year's, everybody!

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