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View Diary: Medicare also going over the "cliff" (108 comments)

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  •  How about the ridiculous cost of medical school? (16+ / 0-)

    My friend graduated with a quarter million in debt. Until you fix that, there's no way we should be telling doctors they make too much money.

    •  I think you'll find the ridiculousness of the cost (16+ / 0-)

      is becoming the new norm for all higher ed, not just med school.

      Yet another way to separate the sheep from the wolves.

      •  Yeah, the wolves get the higher ed (9+ / 0-)

        so they can better fleece the sheep.

        If it's
        Not your body,
        Then it's
        Not your choice
        And it's
        None of your damn business!

        by TheOtherMaven on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 08:19:39 PM PST

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      •  In other countries Higher Ed. is not nearly as (8+ / 0-)

        costly as the USA.

        "We are a Plutocracy, we ought to face it. We need, desperately, to find new ways to hear independent voices & points of view" Ramsey Clark, U.S. Attorney General.

        by Mr SeeMore on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 11:38:23 PM PST

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      •  In countries where education is a right... (9+ / 0-)

        ... not an expensive privilege, education from kindergarten through college is free.  If they can't stay home and go to college, they get a monthly stipend for food and rent so they can devote all their time to their studies.  This is the policy in all three Scandinavian countries.

        Medical care is also considered a right for everyone in all three Scandinavian countries, from commoner to king/queen, and it's all paid for - for everyone.  Parental leave for BOTH parents is generous (can be 18 months or so) and paid (at about 80% of their salary), and their jobs are waiting for them when they go back to work.  Sick leave is paid and jobs are waiting when the person gets the doctor's okay to go back to work.

        True.  Their tax rates are high..., but NO ONE has to worry about going into debt for catastrophic illnesses, or if they have to stay home and take care of a sick relative, or when a new baby comes into the family, and no one graduates from college in debt for many years.  Furthermore, no one seems to mind the high tax rate since everyone benefits.

        It works like our Medicare Part A and Part B - NOT-FOR-PROFIT SINGLE-PAYER health insurance [which everyone pays for when they're working (except Medicare Part D which seniors and disabled pay to private corporate insurance companies for prescription coverage - we were told buy this insurance or else), just like they do with FICA/Social Security Insurance.  Social Security recipients continue to pay for Medicare after they receive SSI or SSDI and are no longer in the working world; it's deducted before the remainder is deposited in one's account.

        If we didn't have insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical corporations (along with oil, military-industrial-congressional, and mercenary corporations) standing in line to receive handouts or surgically attached to Treasury Teats so they can pay executive bonuses, shareholders, and funnel profits to offshore accounts, not to mention banks, investment banks, and Casino Wall Street waiting in the wings for our Social Security Trust Fund money, we could have educational and medical systems like the countries that always rate in the top ten in the world for best places to live or where people are listed as happiest or most contented.

        OTOH, they also don't spend huge fortunes on their military budgets.  They have a national service that most able-bodied persons have to go through for a couple of years, but they have it in perspective: it's a phase of one's life, it doesn't define their existence.  They also don't go around invading countries illegally or unconstitutionally.

        They also enforce their laws when corporations start price gouging their citizens.  [Wow!  Novel concept, eh?]

        In terms of education and medical care, the US is lagging behind even some third world countries.  [The last survey I read a couple of years ago we were at #37.]

        Boo-YA.  Yeah, we're #1..., in being the world's bullies and spending money on the military [about 50% of our national budget!] and illegally and unconstitutionally invading other countries and spending money on those same illegal and unconstitutional wars....


        That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.
        -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

        Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.
        -- Benito Mussolini

        Fascism, the more it considers and observes the future and the development of humanity, quite apart from political considerations of the moment, believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace.
        -- Benito Mussolini

        I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

        by NonnyO on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 08:32:38 AM PST

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      •  Yep. My daughter-who makes about $40K per (0+ / 0-)

        year has $90K in school debt.  And she will never make anything anywhere near what an MD makes.

        We need to take a look at why all education is so expensive.

        I fall down, I get up, I keep dancing.

        by DamselleFly on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 04:55:24 PM PST

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    •  and insurance and treating a medical practice as (0+ / 0-)

      a profitable business

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