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  •  We'll have to disagree on that one. (9+ / 0-)

    For much of the population of our communities (communities of color), there never was a middle class, and our parents had it no better.  I'm among that group.  To me, what people are now marking as trends have been the norm for us forever, and worse.

    Given the choice of what my parents' and grandparents' lots were, and what my own chances are, I think the chips probably fall about the same.  But for me, and for hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - like us, there was no "once great country" that has fallen.  It's the same as it ever was.  So if they could find hope amid lynching threats and firebombings and cultural annihilation, then I need to step up and do likewise.

    Authentic Native American silverwork, jewelry, photography, and other art here.

    by Aji on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 08:32:55 PM PST

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    •  I'm sorry. I didn't mean to rain on your (3+ / 0-)
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      Aji, belinda ridgewood, weck

      parade.  I mistakenly thought that this would have been a 'safe' place to try to express my emotional distress over whatever it is that's distressing me.  I won't make the mistake again.

      •  No, that wasn't it. (8+ / 0-)

        It's a balance.  And the people in this diary tonight need both hope and perspective.  

        And I'm determined to maintain both in here for them, and for myself.  I'm sympathetic; I've been there, and still am there.  If you look through my history here, you'll see that I've been to hell and back a number of times throughout my life, most recently having lost everything.  So have a lot of other people who are here tonight.  In our case, we lost our home and our vehicles (and numerous family members who've died).  We live in a tiny little ramshackle tin can of an RV trailer lent to us because otherwise we'd be living out in the snow.  In recent years, we've gone for extended periods without heat; weeks without running water.  Health care is a joke.  And last year, had I been a bit more capable about it . . . well, I'd be gone now.  I also have a bit more perspective on the things that caused me to want to end it - and with it, some balance and some hope.

        And the purpose tonight, as stated above, was, for this one moment in time, to leave behind their fears and try to find hope (and perspective, and balance) in greeting the new year.  Lots of people here need that right now, as is pretty clear from their comments.

        Authentic Native American silverwork, jewelry, photography, and other art here.

        by Aji on Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 09:36:03 PM PST

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