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View Diary: I Need a Permit to Own Bottle Rockets in Pennsylvania, but Not for a Military-Grade Assault Rifle (94 comments)

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  •  Someone finally asked... (7+ / 0-)

    my Ron Paul friend on what he thought about people owning things like Uzis and grenades.

    If an individual wants to have an uzi and grenades around for the hell of it, that's fine... Beautiful freedom would be every individual having the right to decide how they want to defend themselves. Not how the government deems you should protect yourself. Because if they were so right in ME not needing these things, then why do THEY need them? Hmm.

    Dude saying ban an AR-15 is not taking account REALITY. Reality is that guns are made up off different pieces of metal. AKs are illegal in California, but they're SUPER easy to buy all the parts and make...

    Let's ban weed. That will make people stop using it. Clearly BANNING things (of course, by coercion) doesn't make society a better OR safer place....

    What if I want 100 AR-15's in my house because I feel like that is personally what would make me safer? The fundamental principle is who are YOU to tell me how I can and can't defend myself? ;-)

    See?  It's "beautiful freedom" for every American to own an arsenal of grenades and machine guns... if they want to.  FREEDOM!!!

    (Actually, why do I have this image of him yelling "WOLVERINES!!!" after saying that?)

    So I already know that were I to ask him about your situation with bottle rockets, his libertarian response would be to get rid of any permits for those as well, and just let anyone and everyone own bottle rockets.  Because, you know, "freedom".  If Rudy Giuliani was basically just "noun, verb, 9/11", then these Ron Paul fans are little more than "noun, verb, freedom".  Or "noun, verb, liberty".

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