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View Diary: White House, Senate unveil final, even stupider 'fiscal cliff' deal. Vote expected tonight. (574 comments)

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  •  Yeah, I expect that's what the trial balloon was (15+ / 0-)

    supposed to signal, that that's all he'd give up on entitlements for a 2 year d/ceiling.  Not so sure about that tho.

    OTOH, I am sure House Thugs won't care and will likely force default again if taxes are even mentioned in a d/c agreement.  The best path for BO remains to simply declare the d/ceiling unconstitutional, direct treasury to keep issuing debt and dare Congress to sue.  They will find out they don't have standing, and no one who does have standing will want to sue.  Sure, it'll hurt credit standing in the short term (till everyone sees it was a paper tiger all along) but imo less than this constant 'default chicken' game.

    Of course, I don't expect W/St. etc to stand for that, when they could create a panic to exploit to dismantle more of the safety net...

    And so it goes...

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