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    I think a lot of the angst is that the pendulum hasn't swung to the left even more than it has, but I think we need to see the bigger picture of how far it had swung to the right thanks to a confluence of factors, and I cannot emphasize just how damaging and destructive the emergence of Fox News has been in shoving formerly fringe right-wing ideas into the mainstream and speeding the pendulum being swung to the hard right over the last decade.

    But like I grimly told my Green Party friend, who agreed with this, we get the government we deserve, because we vote for them.  When over 30% of UNION members vote for anti-union Republican governors and state legislatures, something's gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    And while there's much to be said for gerrymandering and the will of the people, let's keep in mind well over 58 MILLION Americans voted for the Republican in House races this year.  Those 58 million Americans are the reason we're as fucked as we are.  Forget what we can do on our side in terms of getting new voters from whatever groups, but as for those people, either we change their minds, or wait for them to die off.

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