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View Diary: No matter what Obama does, Republicans won't care and won't fold (176 comments)

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  •  I live in one of the districts that should have (10+ / 0-)

    some Dem representation but no longer has due to ALEC and gerrymandering after 2010.

    Things are going to get ugly in my area and my state because of the crazy GOP in power.  Even the things conservative people care about will be threatened as the state is sold off to the highest bidder, schools deteriorate, etc.  What I think I can do is to write letters in to the newspaper drawing attention to the connected dots without really raising a red flag to give a soap box to the hardliners.

    I am trying to understand the use of "story" and metaphor so that I can counter deeply held views from a cognitive linguistic strategy.  The ire that the Tea Party stirred is still waiting to be tapped and it could be brought to bear against the Grand Old Party, in my opinion.

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