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View Diary: No matter what Obama does, Republicans won't care and won't fold (176 comments)

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  •  We're in a very nihilistic era, which was my (17+ / 0-)

    reading of the diary. The point was that to pretend otherwise---that the President and the rest of the Dem leadership will be anything other than a rubber stamp given the dynamics of the GOPer nihilists---is to ignore how low the system has fallen.

    Remember, there is, in our Congress, a not-insubstantial minority of members who think that defaulting on the nation's debt is a reasonable position. Despite the complete, world-wide economic disaster that would occur from a US default. Let that sink in for a minute ...

    The California comparison is completely apt. I don't see us being able to get out of this mess with secure majorities until the GOPers have really fucked us up over something very serious, much like California. I would have thought that lying us into a war would have done it, but apparently that isn't unreasonable enough.

    •  Maybe I'm exhausted, but (2+ / 0-)
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      NoMoreLies, Bob Friend

      part of me says - whatever it is, let it happen.  The repugs cause the unemployed to go broke for now? Bring it on. The Repugs bring about a default on US sovereign debt? Bring it on.

      I'm burned out on this nonsense. What a depressing way to ring in the new year, watching these pygmies draw lines in the sand as the tide is coming in.

      The Repugs are no better than those insane people who shoot up schools and then turn the gun on themselves.

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