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  •  If I buy 2 guns, I can't automatically commit (0+ / 0-)

    twice the crime as I did with 1.

    And, btw, why would you assume that people who are already criminals are buying guns legally?  Or that they're buying guns simply because they intend to start committing crimes?

    Why not ask 'How much crime did all of those new guns bought for 'personal protection' prevent?'  Surely, if guns protect us from criminals, those skyrocketing legal sales should have led to a serious decrease in crimes due to all that added protection, right?

    •  A simple question (1+ / 0-)
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      If, as you say, twice the guns wouldn't result in twice the gun crimes, it would be also likely that twice the number of guns would not deter twice the number of crimes, either. And BTW, I made no assumption whatsoever about legality or illegality of purchases.

      Gun sales went up. Did gun crime go up? Or, as you suggest, perhaps such crime decreased. Have you got an answer to that query? It would be helpful for public policy purposes to know this.

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