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View Diary: Senate deals on fiscal cliff, House action pending (296 comments)

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  •  Remind Me Again Why They're Cutting Taxes (0+ / 0-)

    What I don't understand about this deal is why they are cutting taxes. Taxes are not too high. Incomes are too low. If you're having problems paying your taxes then you need more income.

    There's no excuse to preserve any of these tax cuts. They are a key reason we have a federal deficit, beyond the fundamental reason (because we have national policy of holding down wages and shipping production jobs overseas, which is the source of the problem).

    We need to ask why there is no effort here to get jobs back. There's a real problem here that needs to be fixed. That is an economic problem, and this purported deal does nothing to change that structural problem. It just sets us up to repeat this debacle over and over.

    We have to go back to work and elect a new President. I want to see an actual liberal on the ticket for 2016. By then the damage will be so extensive that only a massive liberal program to fix the economy will pull us back from being strictly second-class.

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