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View Diary: Senate deals on fiscal cliff, House action pending (296 comments)

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    crystal eyes

    approval rating I think most of us feel the same. Next compromise or bargain coming is the filibuster deal. Another screw called 'reform'. It's almost humorous to watch the Dem. pol's antics at this point. If I can detach my sorrow long enough to not give a shit about my country or my fellow human' common good and the world at large. I always wondered what it would be like to live in the Gilded Age or Dicken's time with the poor houses, looks like I'll get the chance.

    Man, I just loath freaking yuppies on steroids with their nasty screw or get screwed arrogance and dismissal of humanist values. They win they get to die with the most toys, while the rest of us globally get to sacrifice for their wealth creation.  Free Market my ass we all are paying for their wealth and destruction with our lives and our home the earth.. The rent's too high. Not democratic at all.  

    'We do not disparage wealth in America'  Barack Obama

    This is not what a Democratic administration looks like. The current lot of new Democrat's who are running our party ought to start their own and call it the Third Way Party or maybe The Mammon Party.


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