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    help us at all. I guess if you disconnect the political gamesmanship as in, the Repugs are worse so we should all sacrifice for the wealth creators and eat our peas, it still only  helps the oligarchical collectivists. The Dems won cause otherwise we would get vagina probes and have to work in Alabama /China as slave labor. How in the fuck is that winning or even Democratic?

    I know what the Republicans are but what about the Democrat's? There is more to winning then beating teh ultimate evil. 'We the people' have still lost to the point where it matters little which party is implementing this anti-democratic global nightmare the new and improved  Dems call the inevitable way forward. Fuck that it's regressive to the point of feudalism. All this haggling  does nothing to remove the vampire squid on humanities face. Goldman Sachs still rules the world unimpeded in their looting and pillaging and our government does not represent it's citizens or their common good.    

    So we win people say yes I'll vote for the lesser evil but it does nothing to help or counteract 'the fierce urgency of now' the one that just keeps getting fiercer. Unless you are obscenely rich how do any of this haggling over the degrees of economic inequity involved in destroying our economy and democracy. It's a mockery of the two party system and it's wrecked our system of checks and balances not to mention the basic principles we were founded on. It's cart before the horse politics that makes all of us losers.

    'I'm taking back my country and the vehicle I'm using is the Democratic party'  Howard Dean circa 2003-04.

    A political party is a means to an end and the Democratic party's 'end' does doesn't represent or fight for anything worth supporting.          

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