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  •  I've been on unemployment & financial aid AND (5+ / 0-)

    this Perils of Pauline funding is complete, total bullshit.

    someday, when I don't have a real job, I might bother looking into voting rates by income to PROVE to the upper middle class twits out there that working stiffs don't give a fuck about AHIP-AIG-Care, cuz working stiffs don't have the lawyers to get ju$tice.

    Jerking people around on unemployment is complete bullshit - the rules should be simple and clear and uniform, so people can plan their lives when the inevitable happens - shit canned and out on your ass.

    BTW - I was on financial aid during from the end of Carter through the 1st Raygun, I was on unemployment / retraining under bush then clinton & then back on financial aid. I was on both again in 2002. I missed 1 extension in 2003 cuz the ...

    who fucking cares?  

    ALL times ALL programs were a mismash of random horseshit - and, by the way - I do NOT vote fascist cuz they're fascists - do you need a goddamn doctorate to understand that?

    ALL times ALL programs were a mismash of random horseshit - and people wonder why the little people don't support the programs? Who gives a shit about 'em when your probably won't qualify, or, as of today you're 1 of millions who might be living in the street in 2 months cuz these assholes can't make anything work right!

    blame the repukes ?? Why? they're doing their jobs! screwing us!

    WTF are we getting out of the yuppie-0-crat$? excuses while they keep their nice houses in the nice hoods.

    a plague on ALL your houses ...


    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous

    by seabos84 on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 02:18:54 PM PST

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