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View Diary: Start Preparing for 2014 Midterm Elections NOW (26 comments)

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    I'm not the authoritative figure on Daily Kos on how to run things so if you guys want to do things a certain way, that's fine with me.

    I did however make note of the fact that there are people who narrowly lost in 2012 by just a small margin.  Those people include Jim Graves who lost to Michelle Bachmann by fewer than 3000 votes.  We can send her backing in 2014 for sure and Jim Graves no doubt will most likely run again.  The Democrats who narrowly lost should be the first order of business and all those seats should turn blue in 2014.

    Then of course we should also focus on people who really should have been defeated in 2012 but didn't:  Those like Paul Ryan and Steve King.  Their challengers, Rob Zerban and Christine Vilsack respectively, didn't get anymore than 44% of the vote but they had serious grassroots support and donations coming their way.

    As for the others, well, that's up to you guys to figure out.  Right now my eye is on getting Darrell Issa knocked out in 2014.  Had Jerry Tetalman had more support from the DCCC and other progressive groups early on in 2012, he'd have sent Darth Vader out.  Tetalman by the way got over 110,000 votes with such a small operation in a lean conservative district.  That's courage.

    However, remember Howard Dean's 50 state strategy.

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