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View Diary: Do I Really Need to Get Angry Again to Stem this Outpouring of Poutrage? (155 comments)

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  •  Let me provide one of the details (3+ / 0-)
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    The far right hijacked the GOP with literally billions of dollars in right wing plutocrat money. Right wing plutocrats own and control nearly all the main media outlets in the US and abroad. They have penetrated nearly every major university - especially their economics departments.

    We, on the other hand must self organize, without funds, and without mass media or even small media outreach. And we must do it while keeping our day jobs.

    There is an advantage to this of course. Our movement is authentic, theirs is not. Ours is bigger, organic grass roots. Theirs is astroturf, plastic and temporary.

    But to those who suggest that we merely need to get more organized, to build from the ground up the real Democratic party we want to see, I suggest spending an hour or two tracing the literally thousands of front groups, "local" organizations, think tanks and PR fronts for just one right wing paymaster: The Business Roundtable. Google it and start following the trail. It's an almost infinite labyrinth of groups and subgroups. Then, a few hours later, do the same for the Chamber of Commerce and the Nat. Ass. Manufacturers.

    Billion of dollars. All spent to achieve one goal: to make the people accept policies that result in more money for them, less money for the people. And amazingly, it has, to a horrifying extent, worked.

    There is hope though. In spite of all that money and effort, all those years of blanketing the US with right wing propaganda on TV and radio, all those young minds distorted by having to take right wing economics classes at American universities, literally decades of nothing less than information warfare, even most Republicans "overwhelmingly think we're spending too little on Social Security, rather than spending too much, by a lopsided margin of 52-12.

    It must be infuriating to the assholes that have devoted their lives to making Americans embrace their own economic demise, only to fail to defeat one of the core ideals behind FDR and company's New Deal.

    Organizing is important. But it is the truth of our ideas that will persevere. And I don't mean that in a lofty, abstract way. I mean, quite simply, that the economic ideology pushed by the right is dishonest and provably so. I mean it's all based on lies. And on some level, even the believers don't really believe it.

    There is hope in that.

    •  Not exactly what I was talking about... (0+ / 0-)

      I was talking about actually finding the rules and taking over the actual Democratic party apparatus at the local level to start.  For example:

      In the case of King County, it appears to start with Precinct Committee Officers, and most everything else gets voted from there.  But, the question was about third parties, and I was suggesting that rather than try to get traction with a third party, take over the existing party from the ground up.  

      The Vermont Progressive party is another model where they are a third party but do not run against other progressive candidates just because they happen to be Democrats.  So, they put pressure on Democratic candidates to be more progressive to avoid a third party challenge that could throw the race to the Republican.

      I think I heard about the Republican version of this from Norman Goldman. I ggogled for it and just got this which appears defunct.  So, don't know if they pulled this off in Kentucky

      The plutocrat money and all the PR front groups are a whole different issue, and I do not disagree with you as to their impact.

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