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View Diary: Boehner finds way forward on fiscal cliff votes (424 comments)

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  •  If majority of majority still holds, I agree (0+ / 0-)

    Certainly, Dr., the problem is not the current deal - the question others have is leverage . I question how much leverage we lose and they gain if this bill passes.
    Suppose this bill passes, now what happens?

    House GOP demands cuts to SS and Medicare among other things to "balance the previous bill" and to pass new debt ceiling bill and to avoid sequestration . Dems unfortunately will agree (as will President Obama) to raise Medicare eligibility age to 67 and agree to chained CPI cut (both of which I oppose). Beyond that, there is little that Dems will offer. This is the most that republicans will get from Dems. And that might not pass our Dem Senate no matter what and might get filibustered anyway. House Dems will not support either measure. The GOP House will pass that . President Obama might support both of those measures but he will insist upon more tax revenue from the wealthy if he is going to give those up. That won't happen. The sequestration , therefore is likely to happen and we will default on our debt. So, that is my prediction.

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