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  •  I trust Kucinich's judgment (1+ / 0-)
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    I noted that too. It seems to me that the pundits on tv are calling it in for President Obama. But this is too early to decide how the next 60 days shape up.

    In any event, I expect SS CPI in the deal whenever it is struck. I dont expect SS to survive beyond 2030. I think that that is probably a great run for a good legislation. Of course, the next step would be to bring in single payor to control the healthcare costs.
    The real surprise i would like to see is that the President renegotiates the Pharma deal as part of the healthcare debate to bring down health care costs. Is that something that was discussed during the Biden summit? Does anyone know. Can we be hopeful that sensible legislation will be passed in 2013 because that is the only way out?

    •  I predicted the end of SS in 1987 (1+ / 0-)
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      In a letter published by the Washington Post - I said that I had no expectation that social security would be there when I retired, and I believed it.  I must admit, my prediction looks wrong.  I won't retire for another 13 years, but my updated prediction is that it will be there.  So don't lose faith - but keep on voting (and GOTV)!

      •  Nice!! (0+ / 0-)

        Just as I hit "Post" I knew that I should have removed the date so, I could have used the same comment in 2030 :). Social security and medicare are some of the best components of our system. Both these systems control a lot of the real money, therefore fund managers feel as though it is their duty to try to go tinker with it. As they say, "thats where the money is". That is the kind of fear that drives such predictions: not deliberate analysis.

        Voting for democrats is easy: the republican party is distancing itself as being relevant in any political discourse therefore I can see myself voting for only one party at all levels in the coming elections.

        I would gladly join the company of those who got the staying power of social security wrong!

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