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  •  Extreme Reactions Don't Help (14+ / 0-)

    I am concerned by the many extreme reactions continuing into today.  Some feel we are the betrayed victims of an incompetent, uncaring, right leaning administration.  Others feel our President (and Vice President) are Machiavellian geniuses plucking the strings of government as they engage in some grand scheme of manipulation.

    The fact of the matter is the President, the Vice President and all members of Congress are people, with all the attributes of humanity.

    We are in a mess.  This is a mess that has been created over a few decades, not a few years.  That is not to say every decision made was wrong, or every administration was corrupt (even though I know some will argue that all politicians are always corrupt), but it does mean that there is a lot of work to do.

    Negotiation is the art of the possible. There's a metaphor (that's also a math problem) that applies to this situation.

    Once there was a frog that fell into a 30 foot well. During the day he would jump 3 feet up the side of the well; during the night he would slide 2 feet back down the side of the well.
    We're in that deep hole. There is no way, given the attitudes in Congress, especially the House, and the dynamics of the American people, the economy, the influence peddlers in DC, etc. we are going to jump all the way out in one jump. We could choose to sit on the bottom of the well until we gather the strength to leap out in one mighty jump (ain't never going to happen). Or we can emulate that poor frog and make a little bit of progress at a time.

    I keep reading comments similar to "The American people voted for Obama because he promised to raise taxes on people who make more the $250,000; not $450,000."

    I voted for Barack Obama because he was the only person, in my opinion, who had the patience and the vision and the lack of personal aggrandizement to understand that we are in a deep hole, and it is going to take a lot of slow, painstaking work to get us back to the economic and political place we want to be. I don't think we will get there in the next four years. We have been industriously digging this hole for at least 30 years, it's going to take a while to climb back out.

    Yeah, we have to do this again in two months.  And this problem is so big, I'll bet what gets passed then will kick enough of the issues down the road that we will be doing this again in June, and again in September, ....  Like an onion, we're going to have to solve it one layer at a time; it is a process, not an event.  It is unfortunate that government is so dysfunctional we have to surround each step with so much drama, but "if wishes were horses we would all ride."

    In my opinion, the scary part is that so many people still don't realize how far we have to go. If we don't suppport our President as he makes these, admitedly small, steps forward the boiling frustration of progressives is apt to contribute to the election of a grandstanding idiot in 2016 who can be manipulated behind the scenes like George W was.

    Truth is generally the best vindication against slander - Abraham Lincoln; 1864

    by Debis Diatribes on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 09:14:10 PM PST

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