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    Star Wars was a movie.  People are not all knowing like they are in movies.  But you didn't have to be all knowing to realize the debacle that this was going to be.  The course proposed during the campaign was the best course.  Standing tough was the best stand.  What in the world do they hope to get out of this other than making the rich richer?

    I wrote to the President when he first proposed using the chained CPI for COLAs and explained that I am retired and disabled and I could only guess the harm lowering the income of seniors by whatever means would do.  I got back a very kind reply from a staffer.  We all know that elected officials do not answer their own mail.  We are ahead if they even have someone tell them what is in it.

    The Staffer sent me all kinds of links on how to apply for Medicaid and welfare which, thankfully I do not need yet.  That is a good thing since I fully expect it to be eliminated in the next "grand deal."  I can hardly wait.  I love having my face rubbed in the gravel.

    One link I was given, I find very amusing in retrospect. It was a link to Obama staff HQ to recruit volunteers to help convince the aged and disabled what a wonderful agenda we had to look forward to.  I don't think I will be answering that call to duty any time soon, I don't think I will ever answer that link.

    Since Obama has so many "grand deals" in mind he can pursue them on his own.

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