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View Diary: Obama/Dems COULD be in better negotiating position in 2 months (51 comments)

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  •  Two issues here related to DOD (4+ / 0-)

    First,, DOD has a problem not formally considered here, namely several hundred billion bucks in off the books war costs which still have to be dealt with because off the books does not mean not borrowed for and paid as they went without the publicity. One of the thinks DOD will have to be made to deal with is this off the books stuff, which adds IIRC a third or more without disclosure to the DOD budget. Depending on the security classification, this is the toughest DOD cut to deal with.

    The other is that Obama has already made clear that any budget fixers have to be balanced between revenue and cuts, and that cuts have to be balanced between domestic discreationary and defense. And that as to SS at least there is already a known option, raising the contribution cap which now stops at about 110K, which would given the years involved resolve the SS issue, and has taken steps to deal with the COSTS of Medicare which have already begun to kick in. The trick with those may be keeping hospitals and docs from bailing, but one method for that is to provide that those in the medical professions who get Federal money have to do Medicare. It wouldn't kick in immediately, because there are a lot of oldies who did not have this as conditions to their financing, but on a rolling basis it might well work. Or refiguring the doc fix so it starts to kick in in 2015 and does not carry over from year to year and grow like fungus.

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