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View Diary: Obama/Dems COULD be in better negotiating position in 2 months (51 comments)

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    you get what you expect.......change your expectations. you can do that if you want to and you can actually do something to help make those changes.

    mittens=edsel. no matter how much money is spent to promote it, if the product sucks, no one will buy it.

    by wewantthetruth on Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 07:33:01 AM PST

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      I like your old saying post :)
      I'm 61. I have some simple rules I live by. In the top three is I avoid crazy people because if you listen to crazy people they'll try & make you crazy too.
      The 1% plan WORLDWIDE was to run up the debt with unpaid for wars, bankster faulty mortgages, then rake it in. Starting with destroying middle America.
      We've miraculously stopped them, but the world is a mess.
      Europe will eventually recover. The "bargaining chips will change." Like environmental chemical issues 20 years ago with new world bank regulations, America will have to change to function in the world economy. The bargaining chips, ever heard of "VETO?"
      { bit by bit, piece by piece, block by block } We (new gens, TY, TY, TY) Will Rebuild the World.
      P.S. I haven't posted in a while. Best Health Wishes to Madame Secretary Hillary.

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