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View Diary: Urgent Notice to All Armchair Hostage Negotiators (18 comments)

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  •  if that's what you are, trou (1+ / 0-)
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    keep it up anyway

    for me, your rage is tonic; when i look at (not read) those diaries/comments, that's my reaction too

    some on kos, supposedly "democrats", admitted they didn't vote this past month, so clearly they're not committed to electing more, and better dems

    i personally will only be happy with social and economic equity, so since i can at least vote, i must vote for the dems, if only because the other party abides within it sociopaths and haters

    so, even though i would prefer a really functional democracy, and one that allows only really regulated capitalism, it makes me proud to have mr. obama representing us to the rest of the world

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