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View Diary: Reexamining opposition for Death Penalty: Indian Rape Case (47 comments)

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    There are hundreds of millions of people who are backward, view women as disposable objects like Kleenex tissues and worse.  This young woman, presumably a middle class person with her boyfriend, fiancee, riding a bus was viewed by lumpen, some criminal elements as an opportunity. She was resented, her life, her happiness was resented  and an opportunity to enjoy something stolen and horrible, violent access to a woman's body and also terrorize the couple was taken and taken brutally.

    India is making a choice here, whether to to defend women as a class, to defend a decent life and resist and oppose mindless useless crimes like this that degrade the entire society.  Or allow them as a safety valve  to an angry and unhappy underclass.

    There will be  a, trial  presumably the perpetrators will be convicted of murder, of aggravated assault of destroying two lives.  They didn't rape to foist off on the woman a baby in the future, they raped as a degradation and   revel, enjoy in their power over her body with extreme violence the act of  making her suffer unto death.

    This case calls for a very public, not a private execution after conviction. The underage boy needs a heavy sentence in jail, his life could be spared as it may not be clear he was the instigator.  So four drops from the gallows.  And a promise these cases will be handled the same way in the future.  The rapists get away with impunity for the most part, there are dozens of rapes in Mubai daily. And the police ignore most of them unless a high ranking woman is involved whose family wants venegeance.

    Let them hang, so others may reflect the rape grace period, the wink, wink, and the indifference of the police and the judges and the legal system is about to change.

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