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View Diary: Peter King says anyone from New York or New Jersey would be nuts to support House Republicans (219 comments)

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  •  i don't blame him for being pissed (6+ / 0-)

    disaster response is exactly the sort of stuff that government must do.

    and now rep. king gets to learn the hard lesson that the word of g.o.p. leadership is worth precisely nothing, and that his party has given up all pretense to being interested in performing the most basic, necessary functions of governing.

    but of course, that would have probably been a lesson unlearned were we not talking about something germane to his own constituency (read: prospects for re-election).

    i feel badly for those impacted by the storm still in need of federal assistance. but for rep. king, permit me to whip out this tiny violin.

    as jon stewart pointed out to chris christie (on topic of health insurance, iirc), we've got millions for whom everyday life is trying to climb out of the wake of a disaster.

    i'm certain king probably still doesn't quite get that.

    "i hear you're mad about brubeck ... i like your eyes. i like him too." -donald fagen

    by homo neurotic on Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 09:44:11 AM PST

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