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View Diary: Peter King shocked—shocked!—that being a heartless bastard is a Republican value actually (102 comments)

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  •  I am not so much a democrat... registered as a (1+ / 0-)
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    non partisan in 1968 because it had just been discussed in my civics class.  not much trouble until I moved back to Louisiana in '76 and went to register back in Louisiana and a 'sweet' old white haired lady told me that I had to be either Republican or Democrat...  I laughed at her and walked out telling her to put what she wanted down...

    I have a concern watching the GOP reeling.  I think it is political darwinish.  Evolution...  this is what the Democratic party must be aware of.  rather than sitting around sipping bubbly, they had better buckle up for a volly.  

    Wars are never won, only battles fought...  This is what Hilter was trying to keep from happening.  His ambition was to quell all opposition.  Even Alexander the Great who let his success go to his head, would have been battling till he died.  No one can conquer men in toto.  No one.  

    There is an eternal flame in the Spirit of men that can never be extinguished that comes from "The Source".  It only takes a few embers to spread into a 'cleansing flame'.  

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