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View Diary: Why doesn't anyone ask Rumsfeld where the 2.3 TRILLION went? (134 comments)

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  •  Which of the many failed visions? (6+ / 0-)

    The top 2% trillion dollar tax cut? The second tax cut? The allowing Bin Laden to escape in Tora Bora? The "Bin Laden doesn't matter"? The destruction of a modern civilization, assassination of its leader, and trillion dollar occupation... for nothing? The privatization of Social Security? The outing of an anti-terrorist covert CIA operative? The management of Hurricane Katrina? The systemic behavior at Abu Ghraib? The blind rendition and torture? The detentions and no due process at Guantanamo? The deregulation of Wall Street and banking, the turning a blind eye, and all that resulted in the Great Recession and trillions more in debt?

    I mean, truly, this man was a visionary of epic proportions.

    •  Well, he said he had a mandate when he won. (2+ / 0-)
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      Cliss, lotlizard

      Also, he's not God, Congress writes the bills and he can't sign them into law without passing both Houses.

      So, all of the egregious bills signed were bi-partisan, some based on the vote count and some when the Dems wouldn't filibuster to stop them.

      And, he was amazingly good and getting all of that done when he's only one man and didn't have a magic wand.


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