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  •  This man could start a party (6+ / 0-)

    If a third party is to be formed I believe it will come from the center. Right now there isn't really a party for people that are pro-business but socially moderate-liberal. Most of the people in this category have moved to the Democrats, but in olden times (like the 80's!) they would have been liberal Republicans. I've talked to a lot of people that fall into this category that feel abandoned by the political parties.

    There are already a lot of organizations trying to come up with a corporatist-centrist party. Unfortunately they've been bland, corporate and completely incapable of getting anyone excited about their mission to save the status quo. But a man like Christie may be able to put some charisma at the head of a party trying to create a home for these lost Republicans.

    Would this be a good thing for Democrats? I think it would be a mixed bag. The net result would be a weaker Democratic coalition, but one in which progressives had more power. The teabagger-led GOP would be likely to form alliances with the corporatists on economic issues. The Democrats and corporatists would ally on social issues. Obstructionsism would be rarer. Maybe that's the biggest upside.

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