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View Diary: Merkley's vote one that he didn't make lightly (4 comments)

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  •  Remember, he has a big role to play on 1/3 (3+ / 0-)
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    shaharazade, CoyoteMarti, Shahryar

    It's his filibuster reform plan that will be voted on and I think that if he had taken an unyielding stand on this vote in the face of strong support by the majority, it would have affected the votes he hopes to get tomorrow in support of filibuster reform.  Just a thought.  

    He's my Senator, so I do pay attention to what he does.  Appreciated being able to read his statement.  Thanks.

    •  Lot's of (2+ / 0-)
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      Oregon Gal, Shahryar

      behind the curtain wheeling and dealing going on in congress at this point. I give Merkley and Bernie both some slack in this debacle. Who knows what they swap and deal they are after all pols.  He's my Senator too and he's such a good one that I often forget that all pols are after all, politicians. I pay attention to what he does also.  

      I thought of his filibuster reform after my initial knee jerk disappointment cooled. Filibuster reform is essential and crucial to getting any democratic representation. For one thing it would make it easier to see who's obstructing what and would provide a little clarity in the current smoke and mirrors of our legislative bodies. Transparency is lacking and filibustering as it is practiced these days is just another way to derail the democratic process.          

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